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3DVEM — Viewer, Editor & Meter (Beta)

3DVEM software allows an efficient management of both point clouds and three-dimensional (3D) photorealistic models obtained by different means: photogrammetry, computer vision, robotic, infography, surveying, laser scanning, etc. 3DVEM allows not only the 3D visualisation of imported data either from 3D models or XYZ coordinates with intensity and colour, but also measuring and making as users like.Some of the functions of EDVEM — 3D Viewer, Editor & Meter (Beta) are:

  • Interact with textured models
  • Navigate, change the points of view and adjust the point size
  • Visualise point clouds full of colour or with intensity values
  • Study the virtual world either in perspective or in orthographic view
  • Add and personalise your 3D measurements
  • Change lighting to enhance the 3D models
  • To download 3DVEM — Viewer, Editor & Meter contact us.
  • This programme can be used in architecture, archaeology, surveying, restoration, civil engineering, geology, geography, environment, industry, medicine, criminology, tourism...... whenever 3D data are available.